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HIPAA Complaints to DHH


Percent of Complaints Resulted In Corrective Actions


Percent of HITECH Breaches Related to IT Hacking & Theft


Million Individuals Affected by HITECH Breaches

How We Help

Overcome common HIPAA mistakes that could Cost you! We've got your back.

Desktop As A Service

Avoid Theft Related Violations with PCoIP Zero Clients Running in the Cloud. Data is never stored on the Physical Device and Elimanted the Risk of PHI Leaks in the event of Property Loss/Theft. Provision Cloud-Based Desktops for your users, giving them access to the resources they need from any supported device.

AWS Cloud Migration

Cut the High Cost of On-Premises Storage! Take advantage of the Security of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud. Start from Scratch or Migrate your Current Infrastructure. Our AWS Certified Staff will find you the most Cost-Effective Solutions Possible. Compliant with NIST 800-53, a higher security standard that maps to the HIPAA security rule.

HIPAA Secure Document Storage

With Dunwich Technologies, you have the option to store your PHI in the worlds leading Cloud Infrastructure. You can rest easy knowing your PHI is stored in a HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Location. Automate your Legally Required Document Retention Policy for Maximum Cost-Effectiveness. Respond to 'Requests for Records' in Minutes, not Days!

IT Disaster Planning & Risk Management

We will provide you with an Action Plan to Prepare for the Worst, all while staying Efficient and Secure. Our HIPAA Focused Plans can be integrated into your current Risk Management Plans for an extra boost in the Credentialing Process. When Coupled with our Desktop as a Service Solution, You are Ready for Anything!

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