Avoid theft related HIPAA Violations, save on IT Equiptment and Stay Compliant while keeping Staff Happy and Efficient!


Run in the Cloud, View from Anywhere.

If your staff use Personal or Company Devices to access and work with PHI and Medical Records, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to major HIPAA Fines. By leveraging the Power of the AWS Cloud, you can run Virtual Desktops that are uindistinguisable from the real thing, while keeping your PHI form ever residing on the Physical Device. If a device is ever lost or stolen, you won't be liable for any Breaches of HIPAA Requirements becasue the data cant be retrieved.


Access your work environment from almost any device, perfect for Community Based Providers that want their staff to be able to access PHI and Submit Notes while in the community. Utilize your current equiptment, or migrate to a PCoIP Zero Client fleet.

Zero Clients are BareBone PC's that are cheap and simple to manage due to their lack of usual components such as Hard Drives. These aren't needed because your PHI is never stored on the device, leving your data secure in the Cloud. Keep your staff happy by allowing them to utilize Personal Devices that they are used to, while at the same time meeting and exceeding HIPAA Requirements.


Maintain Fine Grain control over your entire Environment. Only allow staff to access exactly what they need to perform their job and nothing more (per HIPAA Requirements). Disable the ability to install 3rd party apps that Staff may attempt to utilize. Many times, employees will install a "time-saving" utility in the hopes of improving effeciency without realizing their actions open the Organziaton to Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities that can leak PHI.

HIPAA Secure

"Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to deliver a high quality desktop experience to your end-users as well as help meet compliance and security policy requirements, including HIPAA-eligibility and PCI compliance. With Amazon WorkSpaces, your organization’s data is not sent to or stored on end-user devices. The PC-over-IP (PCoIP) remote display protocol used by WorkSpaces provides the familiar desktop experience to the user while the data remains in the AWS cloud or in your on-premises environment."

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