Here at Dunwich Technologies, we have the Experience to help you plan for the worst and give both you and your Patients Peace of Mind. Any event that has a negative impact on your business continuity or finances could be termed a disaster. This includes a network outage, a power outage, hardware or software failure, physical damage to a building like fire or flooding, human error, or some other significant event.

Industry Leading Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is the time it takes to restore your operations after a business continuity issue. For Example, if a disaster occurs at 9:00 AM and your RTO is 1 hour, your Disaster Recovery Proceedures will bring your systems back to normal operations by 10:00 AM.

Custom Recovery Point Objective (RTO)

We will work with your Executives to determine your acceptable RPO, taking into account Financial and Opertional factors. RPO is the acceptable amount of time you are willing to lose in the event of a disaster. For Example, if a disaster occurs at 9:00 AM and your RPO is 1 hour, your organization can recover all data that was in the system at 8:00 AM, meaning that data loss will only span 1 hour (from 8 - 9 AM)

Geographically Redundant Backups

By utilizing Amazon Web Services as your Disaster Recover Backup Provider, you can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up in Geographically Distinct locations that are immune to acute Geographic Disasters that would otherwise render your Data and Services unusable until the issue is resolved.

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