See how moving to the AWS Cloud can Boost Performance while Saving Money!

Disaster Recovery & Risk Mitigation

Don't let the mistakes of 3rd party EMR/EHR providers hurt your business. Many Healthcare providers allow their Electronic Medical Records Provider to maintain all Mission Critical PHI. Should the EHR provider ever suffer a disaster where their online sevices become unreachable, you can be left out to dry with no access to your data.

By setting up Automated Backups and Document Storage in the Cloud, you know that your docuemnts are always safe and available to you regardless of the actions of a 3rd party.

Lifecycle Automation

Automate the storage of PHI for Compliance with HIPAA and other Applicable laws that require quick access to records. Save money vs. the traditional off stitie Physical Storagae Solutions that many organizations utilize. By storing your PHI and other Records in the cloud, you can respond to "Requests for Records" in minutes, not hours or days!

Low Cost Archival

Just because you have discarged a Patient doesn't mean you can discharge responsibility for their Records Management. With AWS you can implement a low cost Data Archive solution that will allow you to hold onto Mission Critical Documentation for as long as the Law Requires.

This is crucial for Audit Readiness since years old records on discharged Clients can still be required in a routine audit. Learn more about Audit Readiness Here!

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