Learn how you can improve Protected Health Information Security by outsourcing you Cybersecurity needs. Dunwich Technologies can save your Organization time and money!

Cost Effective

As of March 2017, the median salary of a CISO is $229,964. Not all Healthcare Providers are financially capable of maintaining a full time CISO, leaving the option of a contracted Virtual CISO as the logical choice.

Without the worry of Onboarding and Benifits that come with a FTE employee, you can allocate the saved time and resources to your Patients.

Time Saving & Flexible

Let your internal team focus on Patient Results while we take care of your IT Security. Don't worry about being stuck in an unfavorable contract with us, we will only charge you for the time you need us.

Our Scalability will work in your favor! We are cost effective during regular operations and quick to ramp up during Emergencies that require our full attention.


We are here to help your whole Organization while maintaining strategic Independence. This gives us the ability to evaluate your systems with a fresh, non bias viewpoint. Our Compartmentalized Approach keeps us free from the Office Politics that can sometimes slow down productivity.

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